Reference: In American culture a person who can make things occur from nothing and get results is called ‘a rainmaker’ Where I am from in South London, we have had a phrase instead of a name, people who make the best of situations and get results out of seemingly negative situations are described as being able ‘to turn s#!t into sugar’!!

The 5500 and its effect

I learned recently that my organization is to have some redundancies in the next 18 months and to be honest the news was not surprise to anyone. I think my first thought was very similar to mos people I am sure… Yes, thats right, ‘what does that mean to me?’ ‘Will I be affected?’, ‘will I be out of work?’ and even if those things do not occur ‘how will it effect my career aspirations at this organization’. I have spoken to quite a few colleagues about this on both sides of the Atlantic and I have to be honest I am surprised by their reactions, some are paralyzed by fear and seem unable to make any real decisions and plans in anticipation of what might happen, others seem to have given up already citing plans to move or how they will react if and when they are made redundant.


I cannot blame them for their reactions to this news but ultimately I think both of these approaches are counter productive and so should not be considered for long. Instead I aim to adopt the following philosophy. I will be an opportunist, now before I explain I think I have to defend the word ‘opportunist’, its seen as a dirty word but I simply mean that whilst many are caught in the earlier described frames of mind I shall be doing the opposite doubling my efforts, hustling, networking, taking more risk and being bolder in my actions. I will not let fear make me wait for a better moment and become conservative or paralyzed. Now I know I will meet with situations I cannot control in the next 12 months at work but I affirm to make the best of them, and not sweat that which I cannot control. Mark my words, I shall aim to turn s#!t into sugar in the next 12 months! and attempt the ultimate alchemy to transform all such negatives into advantages.

l8rs, N

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