I got something to say, and its deliberately controversial : I am fed up with this nasty outbreak of swine-flu, or skiving as I call it.  Are you worried about the symptoms? Let me explain what your up against…Symptoms include phoning the over priced (unnecessary) NHS hotline, going to get a pointless course of antiviral medicine and then not turning up to work for seven days. The cause you may ask? A complete lack of will power, self respect and the declaration that a sick note from your GP is not required. Bingo!

As an IT manager in a large pharmaceutical company I find the British tendency to skive quite depressing. Other nations came clean about their distaste for an honest day’s toil decades ago: the French simply don’t bother opening up shop on certain days of the week, or for much of the summer, while the Spanish take time out for a prolonged siesta. And what do we do? complain that Paris is closed on a Tuesday morning, and Spain is asleep from 1pm til 4pm, then practice sniffling on Monday before texting our boss to say we won’t be in for the next seven days.

Child Pleez if this is you.. Now I want to clarify something before I finish, I am not saying all people with Swine Flu are skivers but I think 90% are and the NHS have backed me up on that as their study on follow up show 90% of the self diagnosed had either no flu at all or mild conventional flu.

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