Starbucks Wisdom of the crowd solution has just published their 53 Ideas In action Here they are from most recent.

53. More Reusable Venti Cold Tumblers
52. Decaf Starbucks VIATM Ready Brew
51. MSI Inbox
50. POS e-learning (partner idea)
49. Bring Back the Maple Oat Nut Scone
48. Starbucks Card iPhone app
47. iPhone App
46. Coffee Promotion (partner idea)
45. Discount Orders for FPO/APO Addresses
44. Return Horizon Vanilla Milk (partner idea)
43. Swipe the Gold Card Once
42. Display Starbucks Card Balance on the Register
41. New Signature Hot Chocolate Pack Size (partner idea)
40. Option to not Print Receipts
39. Bring Back Yukon Blend
38. Consolidate Card Balance Online
37. Increase Healthy Options
36. Reusable Starbucks Bag
35. Update Coffee Passport (partner idea)
34. Happy Hour
33. Strawberry Vivanno
32. Starbucks Card to fit on a Keychain
31. Remove “unregistered card” prompt from the POS
30. Bring Back the Cold Cup
29. Stop Bagging Pike Place Daily (partner idea)
28. Coffee Descriptions on Bags (partner idea)
27. Gluten-free Packaged Food
26. Vote Down an Idea
25. Venti Size Tumbler
24. Darker Chocolate Mocha
23. White Chocolate Mocha Nutrition Information
22. Donate to Charity with Holiday Beverage Purchase
21. Free Drink
20. Customer Voice – free beverage (partner idea)
19. Free Coffee on Your Birthday
18. Vivanno Nutrition Info for Nonfat & Soy
17. BPA-free Water Bottles
16. Oatmeal Topping Removed from Dashboard (partner idea)
15. Bring Back Chantico
14. Great Conversations at Starbucks
13. Partner Discount at (partner idea)
12. Larger Soy Containers (partner idea)
11. Vegan Options
10. Gluten-free Options
9. Healthy, High Protein Breakfast
8. More Whole Grains
7. Sell a Cold Cup
6. Discounted Work Wear (partner idea)
5. Coupon Offers
4. Transfer Card Balances
3. Complimentary WiFi
2. Electronic Pay Stubs (partner idea)
1. Splash Sticks

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