I originally wrote this post on my facebook notes page in February   but I think its just as apt now as it was then. Please take a second and read it, think and then post a comment?

– Am I the only person who feels slightly nauseous that the news this  week is full of endless stories of council mismanagement and a  national salt crisis! it rings from our televisions shouts from radios  and yells from our newspapers.

Last night, I was putting Natalie to bed and we often talk about topical events when she asks me the following question: “Dad, what happens to the homeless on weeks like these?, who looks after them?” She said expecting me to know the answer, as daughters do?…

I answered as best as I could whilst trying to sugar coat it for fear it would give her nightmares but after she fell asleep I pondered this fora while… over and over in my head. Have I seen any newspaper articles, TV programmes, radio broadcasts about the homeless in bitterly cold winters like this?… Nope not one ! what homeless charities are missing this opportunity? what newscasters are avoiding an important topic?

Surely its conceivable for us to judge a society on how it treats those less fortunate? If so then not the homeless plight in times like these seems unforgiveable. I would suggest homelessness is a serious, more perennial, more important crisis then no salt on Britains roads.

final thoughts
I hope you agree that if we do not talk, discuss and debate issues of a more serious nature in times like these we miss an important opportunity for raising public awareness. Then I suggest it is British society and not the British roads which is lacking in grit !!

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