I had to be honest that until last night I wondered if there were fewer  good people these days then in the past . The answer I have arrived at  though is a categorical NO. For those of you that are not aware  it snowed in Basingstoke last night and people tried to get home to  their loved ones. Traffic was chaos, people abandoned cars and walked  home or to shelter!!

But in the midst of bad weather were good people. People were getting  out of their cars to help push vehicles, comfort people in trouble. I did  not think that people were as community spirited any more but I stand corrected. I walked the streets of Basingstoke last night helping people who needed it and I saw not a solitary effort on my part but people everywhere helping their fellow man out.

This weather nightmare brought out the best in people and I just want to recognise that. I saw people checking on each other, offering their homes to those with no power, sharing supplies in their cars.

I saw sometime hundreds of people leaving their cars and walking together to shelter, different races, nationalities and languages but all united in an effort to overcome what was a relatively minor weather event in the world scheme of things but nevertheless a serious moment of need for many.

What do you think? Do times like these bring out the best or the worst in people? And have you seen examples anywhere?

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