It’s a slack-off week for many in the working world. But for me, the  days between Christmas and New Year’s may be a mostly business.

Videos and Contacts

I intend to work, even Christmas Day, putting together a video résumé  and posting it on my Social Networking sites. Through the week, I also  be writing blog material on the areas of IT transformation, E-  Capabilities in Marketing and sales for the pharmaceutical industry,  sending out New Year greetings e-mails to networking contacts and  pushing to arrange meetings with potential key network targets.

Go-To Guy

I promise to keep myself front and centre at work in 2010, and let all in the organization know that I’m eager and want them to keep me in mind for future promotions and opportunities, I expect the holiday week will be the best time to put myself on the radar in the new year.

It’s a time like no other to reflect, sum up and set a career agenda for the coming year. January can be a time when managers have less on their plates, so both job hunters and employees may find it easier to get face time.

Reflecting on aspirations

The Xmas break also presents a perfect opening to offer  seasons greetings to people you haven’t recently been in touch with. To send out big thank you notes and best wishes for the new year. But I will also use it as an opportunity to ask them to put her in touch with more contacts.

Reviewing my review

The end of the year is also a time to look back on my accomplishments, so use the time to review what has and hasn’t been working in my career, I shall ask myself the question What advice am I gettting and what more could I benefit from? What is working and what needs more work.

Out with the old stuff

My In-boxes is clogged, My desk is piled up with paper, and drawers are overflowing. So a perfect week to clean up and clear up to be more organized and to feel more on top of the job for the year ahead

The heights by which great men have reached and kept were not attained in sudden flight, but they, while others slept, toiled upward through the night…

Here is to toiling…

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