On the First day after Christmas I surfed the web and found (TweetStats.com)

Have you ever wondered what your tweeting statistics are? Well, wonder no more this site, tweetstats (great name) will give you just that. From your average number of daily tweets to even your preferred method of tweeting… and all you have to do is just enter your user name!

How many tweets do you average daily? I’m a 5.9 a day twitterer!

Another great thing is that you can see your tweet cloud,Its a click option and see what words you use most frequently in your tweets. If you don’t like the Native text then it can load it up in wordle.net, you can click over to wordle, it’ll transfer your words and you can make it look like the one above!

(Twooshes ) In tweet cloud tab, it also lets you know how many twooshes you had. (Yeah, a twoosh.. I would never have known this word until I visdited this site!) A twoosh is a 140-character tweet and I’ve had 38 of them. Interesting.

Share your stats with us all in the comments below!

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