FileSocial allows you to share any file through your Twitter account with your twitter  friends and followers. Twitter is the most Viral  web trend for obvious reasons and many start-ups are  linking in some way to this WWW phenomena. FileSocial is also one such start-up that allows you to attach  images, files, music, compressed documents etc along with your message on twitter.  Your tweet will have the link to the attached file.

Using FileSocial is very simple to use; just login FileSocial with your twitter account (single user authentication). Once you are logged in, you’ll be asked to upload your first file on twitter. You can upload a file up to 20MB along with your message. Erm, thats it… That’s all you need to do, check your twitter account and see you have sent a tweet having that message and a link to the file that you’ve uploaded. Your friends and others can easily see and download the file! They can also comment on the file. FileSocial also keeps the track of the number of visits to your uploaded file. It is really easy and simple. Just try it out, and you would want it more than any other service for Twitter.

Now what I like about FileSocial is its user interface , It displays your avatar and id. So literally you don’t need to sign up for anything else. It’s just like you send a SMS to your friends with a file attached. You don’t need to worry about the link of the file or storage issues, FileSocial do it automatically for you. FileSocial is currently the Beta version and they expect you to report any bug or suggestion for improving, however, I have not find a single bad thing on FileSocial yet, I added the link for  a CRM best practice file.

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