If you are into Social Netwroking you probably would have come across screen  casting tools before, but I fell in love with Screenr when I first saw it  yesterday. Screenr, which just launched today, lets you record screencasts of up to 5 minutes in length and whats great is how easy it is to use. Just enter your Twitter log-in credentials and press ‘record.’ Screenr runs inside your browser, so you don’t need to install any software (Java only). Once you finish your recording, you can immediately send your video directly to your Twitter followers from within the application.

Of course, before you publishing your video out to Twitter, you can review it and add a description. Sending videos to Twitter is optional, though for a lot of users, this will be the main reason to use Screenr. The integration with Twitter also goes one step further, as you can re-tweet a screencast right from within the application and when you leave a comment, you can also choose to send it to Twitter as an @reply to the author.

screenr_record.pngOnce the recording is finished, you can watch your video on the Screenr site or embed it in a blog post. You can also upload it directly to YouTube, or download it to your desktop for further editing. By default, all the videos on Screenr are public and there are no privacy settings.

The video quality is very high and thanks to the fact that the embedded player comes with an HD mode, these videos also look very good in full-screen mode.

I love how Screenr offers a very nice mobile interface for the iPhone, so even Twitter users on a mobile client will be able to watch your videos.

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