Its a funny name as most of these apps are 🙂 anyway I was in need of post dating  my tweets and someone tweeted me this link so I have reviewed it and it backs  up my reasons for why somebody would want to post date tweets.
With Twuffer you can create tweets and assign a date/time you would like your tweet to go out. You can use it to post immediately, but that is not why you would use this application. It also isn’t used for reading tweets strictly for creating, and tracking your post dated ones.
So I first went to and Logged in with my Twitter ID and Password, and then went to the Settings so I could setup my time zone. By setting up a time zone, the tweet will post based on that hour.
After I setup your time zone and date format, then I can start writing my tweet’s and setting the date for their to posting. This is very easy, I just simply entered my 140 character maximum message, and then used the “When to Tweet” drop downs to select your date and time you want to post the tweet.

Why would you use this ?

Here is the best reasons I can think of:
#1 if you are a like me and travel, you post date blog posts, you can  post date tweets to tell your tweep’s to visit your blog post, this will  keep people checking your blog and advertising your blog while you  are out of town.
#2 if you need to setup some reminders for you and a group of your twitter friends, this is a great way to setup tweetup reminders. Like if you set date a tweet for next week at 9am saying that you want to organize a tweetup. You can set a post dated tweet as a reminder for the tweetup in case you forget to manually remind.
#3 if you do a series or a specific time/date based topic of tweet, you can predate these. Like if you always mention something like my #ethernatswisdom (quotes post early mornings, weekdays), you can pre-queue these type of tweets.
Also, People will unfollow you if too often you post 8 tweets in  a row, you can stick it all down and then space them out.

So always ask the question is this live tweeting or a planned publishing ? until then next time Tweeps,

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