2010:  To Engage an Organization in Idea Generation

This post is the start of many posts in the next 6 months as I document my journey on the three related topics:Innovation, Creativity and Ideas Generation. I will post a number of different types of posts.

These will serve as documented signposts on my journey….

Types of posts

  1. Quotes on these topics from notable experts and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)
  2. Definitions of Innovation/Ideas approaches and initiatives
  3. Templates and Slides used to help encourage the terms above
  4. Pictures to Inspire and stimulate the mind.

Here we go

I hope to take you on my Journey as I learn how to implement Ideas Generation into my organization. I also aim to learn a huge amount about this discipline which will be if use for the rest of my life and I naturally share so I hope you may learn something too.

If at any time you have thoughts, opinions or comments of your own on these topics I would be very much interested in hearing or reading them.

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