Blogging and Twitching

I have spent this afternoon so far sat at the Dining room table setting up some RSS Aggregator feeds that I will undoubtedly need in for the remainder of this year and posting up the odd Tweet. I have as the picture (right)  suggests been Bird Watching as well. I set up a BirdTable early this year and thanks to some advice from @soozy2 I have many birds who are now regular visitors to @Ethernat’s garden.

I love sitting up at the dining room table and everynow and then looking out to the garden for inspiration or more often than not distraction 😉

I am sitting at the table preparing a message calendar for the year, kind of rough planning the posts for my blog on the Ideas and Innvoation topics and thinking about how I start this off correctly.

Why be creative? is it important to Innovation? whats the difference?

This is one thing I have been pondering whilst the Robin in my garden has been fighting a one bird battle to defend the bird table from enemy other birds! (he is still going by the way but not winning, I know the feeling)

I guess to answer this question I have define what creativity is. I am sure I could look it up in but I will attempt to define it myself by saying that to me Creativity is simply doing something new and or different to create some benefit?  I love being creative and always have, if I had a job that did not allow that I think I have to compensate by having a very creative hobby. I would be bold to say that creativity is how I am able to write this blog, on this website using the internet. Humanity in every walk of life have sought problems and solved them by being creative.

Creativity to me though has a more special meaning, it means to me that I have CHOICE, I have HOPE that I am special in some way. The possibility that you can look at your life in reflection and say look what I did! Look what I achieved, not just taken from life but given also !

so… “Creativity is the getting the great ideas, Innovation is the effective implementation of those ideas”

I have in the office defined a ‘being creative ladder to Innovation’ I will publish that next I think to get your input and feedback on.

Until then, be creative – E

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