I was recently reading a number of books this month on the life of Charles Darwin. (CDarwin and Ben Franklin as most of you know are my heroes) anyway I was particularly impressed with book I finished last night about the 3 year voyage that Charles Darwin took. He travelled for three years and as a consequence of that journey published for me what is the greatest discovery and analysis the world has ever seen.

Now if you actually read his accounts and the accounts of others on that voyage you would hardly say he was busy!! He spent a lot of that time on land with friends and acquaintances and living the high life! He was in modern life standards wasting his time.

He was not completely idle he formulated theories, collected samples and begun a journey which changed all of our lives whether you choose to believe it or not. Someone today funding or supporting this voyage would have wanted to see far more as he went on than he had to produce.

In modern standards this would have been highly unsatisfactory, and here is my conclusion that he could not have achieved this seminal work in today’s 24/7 results driven world. There is a disconnect here which needs to be addressed and that is that activity and achievement are sometimes exclusive and that we all need a little “Beagle voyage time” to think and reflect.

As the poet WH Davies wrote “What is this life so full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”

Give yourself more time to stand and stare !! Not because its highly time efficient but you need it, your family needs it and who knows, in this moment of reflection you may too have a moment of enlightenment and worst case is you get a little rest.

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