I find sometimes that my feelings and passion for Idea’s innovation are overwhelming but my words/writings often are not as impactful as I hope. Below are a few words of some thought leaders who can put in to words what I believe to be true.

Gary Hamel (The Future of Management)

The outlines of the 21st century management model are already clear.    Decision-making will be more peer based; the tools of creativity will be    widely distributed organizations. Ideas will compete on an equal footing.  Strategies will be built from the bottom up. Power will be a function of  competence rather than of position.

When you look at companies like Toyota, you see their ability to mobilize the  intelligence of so-called ordinary workers.

Bryan Lowell (Mobilizing Minds: Creating Wealth From Talent in the 21st Century Organizations)

I would argue there’s not 1 company out of 1,000 today that has created an organization in which innovation is truly everyone’s responsibility. If you have a new idea, how much bureaucracy do you have to go through to get a small increment of experimental capital? Are you actually being measured on your innovation performance or your team’s innovation?

Every large company, even a retailer or a mining company, has a large number of thinking-intensive employees who need to collaborate with one another. The winners will be those that enable their thinking-intensive employees to create more profits by putting their collective mind power to better use.

The issue is not just raw innovation; it’s actually being able to scale the innovation through at a large company. That’s where the wealth will be created.

My thoughts: Conversely to many of my colleagues who talk of bad times ahead I am full of hope. Not an idol false hope but a one found in a firm belief that sometimes people and organizations must be pushed into corners to change. I truly believe that the current economic crisis and public view of the pharmaceutical market creates for us that corner where through necessity, not free choice we are driven to make the shifts that these authors talk about above.

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