I am a voracious reader and an insomniac and one thing I do to make myself tired is read. This started as a technique but then I decided that if I have to do this I may as well read books that help me in Business or personally. So started 3 books a week target and that what I generally get through. Occasionally I shall write a review if the books that good. See my review below.

I am very passionate about articulating and explaining Business Value in terms of IT – For my Business partners this is considered an oxymoron. Others would argue that you can focus on achieving business value and get it right or you can focus on delivering IT and get it right, but you cant do both!.

I have tried to argue in my role and organization that business value and IT are so dependent on each other or with each other, that to not focus on getting them both right or to not understand how dependent each is upon the other, is to set up your organization for potentially disastrous failure… The subtitle of this book, Achieving Agility and Assurance without Compromising Either, and this is the real description of the book.

It will be about effective balance, and it will surely be about effective leverage. In this book, Cliff Berg has done an great job of  explaining how and why this must be done and gives some real examples. This book should be read by – CIO’s, IT architects, developers, programmers, and anyone who cares like I do about IT and Business becoming intertwined.

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