Its a little off topic my normal topics but  it was so much fun I thought I must write  a few things down. The date was Sunday  31st January, the time was 11:00am –  12:00 noon. @nattynoonoo, Mrs  Ethernat and myself all sat down in our  dining room and watched the garden. We  were participating in the Big Garden  Birdwatch event held each year by the  RSPB.

What we needed:

Well, it started when we settled down for our hour watching and recording the highest number of each bird species seen in our garden, (not flying over) at any one time.

Here was the birds we saw

Time to sit and stare

I really enjoyed sitting with my family and watching the wildlife. It was lovely to geta  cup of tea, a notepad and simply look outside for a while. I have always loved nature and collecting things or ticking checklists when I was in boy scouts. Perhaps this is something I should do more often? I certainly feel less stressed.

Until next time, L8rs E

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