PDF file is a the perfect way to preserve a URL for the future or for sharing with others, or just so you can mail it to a buddy. PDFMyURL makes it easy to convert pages and sites to PDF.

Simply type in your URL and it will convert the site into a PDF document. Not only can you do a simple conversion just by plugging in a URL but you can also modify the PDF with a wide variety of flags—see the advanced menu for a full list—that let you set the page orientation and size, header information, print orientation, and more. PDFMyURL also has a bookmarklet you can drag to your toolbar for easy access to the PDF creation service.

PDFMyURL is a free service and doesn’t watermark or otherwise alter the site you are converting to PDF. Have a favorite tool for PDF conversion or a bookmarklet that makes life easier?  I will be using this advanced function to create PDF print Links. A super way to add value on your blog.

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