I travelled to Indy last year to complete some workshops and connect with my Indy based IdeaCenter colleagues, I flew into Indy at night and did could not sleep at all… when I finally got to sleep I had the strangest dream? I can only think its from watching too much #Flash_Forward !! but it may well be the beginning of something…

The Dream
In the dream I died!! I don’t know how or when it was. All I know is the dream was incredibly real, eerily so… must have been lack of sleep (extreme tiredness) and what I saw in the dream left me dumb struck! Something was talking, although I could not make out the words. It showed me a clear vision of all I might have achieved! I saw grades; friends forgotten; places in sports teams; career positions, which once were an aspiration but numbed and forgotten… I saw gifts wasted, opportunities missed and a brief glimpse of the many ‘other paths’

Woke up
I woke up and my first thought was thankful that it all was a dream, I am alive after all and that’s got to be good 🙂 then moments later my mind wandered back to the reason for my relief, and a sombre cloud came over me, not of depression but of deep disappointment. I started to wonder how close I was to that ‘A* grade’ in college that starting place in the soccer team or that missed promotion, that friend that never was, the fishing trip with my son I never planned…

I did not linger in that mood long. I decided there and then to redouble my efforts. To push harder, work smarter and smile more often and see maybe …just maybe what’s possible with a little more effort.

It’s not just me?!
I am not quite sure what that strange dream was?! The scientist in me says that travelling and lack of sleep created some kind of in-between sleep state, which fed on my regrets and concerns which I had been thinking about on the flight over… I am not so self-centred that I am not aware that this is probably relevant to us all?

What more could you have done in the past? what more could you have done to achieve your life goals, no matter how high in esteem or low in effort, how big grandeur or small in sentiment, how far away or how beautifully close to home? what more can you do to achieve…

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