I have been meaning to to write this article for about a year now. Being  an IT manager for a pharmaceutical company that’s regionalised means that over the last ten years I have been able to observe many  situations, time and time again. I have written most of those down and  thought it was about time I shared some conclusions.

This first  piece is about restaurant menus! The second will be Hotels  and concierges.

So on to the top 10 observations about restaurant  menus and how they trick you into ordering what they want!!

1. The most popular bottle of wine will always be the second most  expensive and the cheapest will be the least popular(its not a trick just  human nature) Change the most expensive and the least expensive  around and you can manage stock better.

2. If the courses are in a box on the menu then you can bet that the Chef wants you to order those ones, Boxes highlight and attract the  eyes on the menu.

3. They often center justify the courses, so you cannot run your finger  down the cost and compare them

4. The omit the currency! Often a subtle ommision of the currency  makes you think less about the money!!

5. Buzzwords and local place names; you know what I mean, fancy descriptions to excite the eye and stomach. Local names of vegetables ‘hampshire green beans’

6.  Offering two portion sizes on menu items is another way that you can trick people into ordering an item! Regular and large sizes will get people ordering regular but if you say small and regular people will pick the largest  size most of the time.

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