I have been ill the last two days which is not like me…

I have been staying at the Omni Sevrin Hotel in downtown    Indianapolis for over a week. I have been working hard most of it on my ideas  project for Lilly. I walk into Lilly every morning about 6am and I walk  back to the Omni Hotel at around 6:30pm every evening (yes boring aren’t I).

I have been pretty jet lagged and was not sleeping well but  toward the  end of the week I started feeling quite ill and seem  to be coming down  with what us men would term as ‘Man-Flu’  its a very serious  and debilitating illness!!

OK seriously I  actually felt quite ill  and so took some flu meds  from a  pharmacy round the corner, this seemed to  react  badly with me and I slept for  like 12 hours and come  Sunday  I could hardly open  my eyes!

I went for a walk to get some fresh air and despite the odd tweet I was struggling to stay awake. I had a nice Chicken dish in the hotel and started to feel a little better. I went back to my room and tweeted how bad I was feeling and I think must have mentioned I was at the Omni at some point. Anyway, I went to work on the Monday am and despite feeling a little poorly got through the day, I wandered back to my hotel and up to my room, so imagine my surprise that in my hotel room was a nice surprise from the hotel staff 🙂

A lovely ice bucket with orange juice, water and lovely hand written note from the team at Omni saying they saw my tweet and wanted to let me know that they would try help if I still felt ill! with some soup or something… I was very impressed with the follow up and how they managed to link my twitter ID @ethernat to my real name Nathan Chestney-Stagg. 🙂 (ED: its on your twitter page dummy)

How impressive was that !? Seriously, I think that the Omni Hotel’s use of Social Media in this instance was one which has produced brand loyalty!! I am in Indy 6-8 times a year on business and I think I shall return to the hotel again.

Well done to all the team in the Omni, Indianapolis! I feel better already!!

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