I told you from the Red carpet suite of the Chicago O’hare airport yesterday I was going to write on my love of travel. I had intended to give a point by point argument on why travel is good for the mind, good for the bank balance, in other words career and why it is in fact good for your relationships!!

I had it all planned out, I would elaborate on the quote travel broadens the mind and quote blindly how someone who has not travelled only tells one chapter!, I then planned to explain how by travelling you build up airmiles, make connections and networks which ultimately improve your career prospects and I am sure it does, finally I was going to give personal examples of how absence can make the heart grow fonder and that familiarity breeds contempt, and that would have been good right?

But Then…

Something happened! I had not accounted for the night flight effect! I have to explain.. If you will allow me? There is something that happens to me at this altitude at night. It would appear I think a minute more, reflect a little longer and generally ponder life at literally 10,000 feet.

So I am writing why I truly love travel! Not the orchestrated debate I had planned, but my honest opinion.

So starting from 10 David Letterman style:

10. I love talking with people; I love converations, asking people how they day is and hearing what they think. I like people (as you will see below on my terms) I love to explore the chat and feel that I made someone feel a little better about their day.

9. I love to watch people; I have loved since I was a boy observing people and perfecting the ability to learn as much about someone before we have ever talked. I love the quote ‘be one to whom nothing is lost’ The art of observation is a gift of mine. (irony is i am terrible remembering names)

8. I love my own company; So in between those moments of company above; I am a reader and a thinker and these moments between moments are mine.

7. I love restaurants; despite me being fussy with food; I love the combination of variability in how food can be served, presented, sold and yet ultimately they are all food business’ trying to make a profit. See earlier menu analysis.

6. Push personal boundaries; I want to show my kids that there is a world out there to explore and its theirs for the taking. I have two parents who are in jobs which are very static. I loved hearing stories of my grandad travelling and thinking if I can become someone maybe I can see things.

5. It helps me to not get bored; I am the least likely to concentrate at anything for too long. I love travel as I am able to be stimulated by lots of new things all the time. I may be encountering them again and again but the excitement of a old scenario in a new location seems to do it for me still.

4. I love saying ‘I have been there’; probably my lamest reason! I watch TV shows with friends and I can say often, ‘I have been there!’

3. I am so nosy about luggage and travel gadgets; I get travel gadget, travel luggage envy! If its new and a gadget, I love it and travelling exposes you to some of the richest most innovative people.

2.I get off on privilege cards; Loyalty bonus’s hotel programmes; Whether its my 1k frequent flyer cards or my hotel privilege cards make me feel like i belong to a select club… What a doofus!

1. It makes me feel important; Now this one I know is hubris but it does, someone has paid good money to send me from one place to another to talk, speak present or solve a problem.


I guess most of these could be argued as foolish or vain, but thats it, it was from the heart and I laid it out there for you to read and comment. I like travel because it make me feel special, like I count, I make a difference. And I think thats important on varying degrees for all of us.

Its the journey that makes me happy

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