We want it all, and today

In today’s 24-7 ‘I want it now world’ We move from place to place as fast as we can, getting things instantly even when we cannot afford them immediately, we download things and expect instant gratification. We get frustrated by queues in supermarkets and traffic on the way to work. We put on weight year on year and then expect to lose it instantly!.

The weight gain example is just as relevant to the financial problems we have. We even start wars with nations and then expect to be home by lunch. Most clubs in the premiership these days, sack a manager if he did not win much his first season or earlier!. We have not learned that true wisdom and meaningful change is achieved over time not in a day!

I love the story of the bamboo and how it grows, should be a lesson to us all… (I found this on one of my many quotes bookmarks)

The bamboo seed which incidentally is a grass not a tree! is planted, watered, and cared for a season but doesn’t grow visibly not even an inch. Then, after the second season the farmer repeats this caring approach and yet has nothing again to show for his endeavour, and so this is continued for four years. Then year five it grows….

In the fifth year that that seed finally emerges and the bamboo grows up to eighty feet in just one season! Or does it?

Why does that little seed only grow exponentially in the fifth year? The answer is that it didn’t it actually grew extensive root systems in its first four years before it started to grow to a dazzling height in just one season.

My Grandad always used to tell me to be patient, when playing chess with him or learning from books, I always thought he was old fashioned!


So to you and me…

You should plant bamboo seeds with your family, friends and work colleagues: (not literally) Don’t expect anything back immediately but trust the process of caring and nurturing a relationship to grow strong roots and then you too will prosper as the farmer does with bountiful crops for years to come.

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