I can see your thinking…  if you have a good idea, hang on to it right? if you have
great personal contact hold on to it, then make money out of this knowledge later on.


But this way of thinking is wrong 🙁  It could not be more wrong! What I believe with a passion is that if you have knowledge, it means nothing until you give it away.

Share and grow

When you share knowledge with someone else, they are able to give you feedback based on their experience and you actually become smarter. For  a second, imagine your brain as a piggy bank, that gathers ideas and contacts as wealth. But just like money its not wealth until you actually spend it/give it away . In my career some of the greatest ideas I have come up with were actually developed as a result of someone’s feedback, after I made an earnest attempt to share my knowledge with them.

Your Network

The same approach can extend to your network.  Some of the greatest relationships I have made started with me putting two people together because they both would benefit from meeting each other, nothing in it for me?!.
What I have experienced is that people that are generous with their own personal contacts list actually grows their
networks exponentially.

and finally…

Its true what they say: ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’  The more you give the more you get!
and if you are not convinced remember this:
no one ever got dumber, by sharing an idea!
Until Next time, Be Great 😉
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