Vacation starts here…

I am on vacation this week, and with wife and moaning teenage kids on tow we  headed off for A week in Scotland. I started the journey early this morning about 6am heading for Stirling, and plan to stay over night in Stirling before making off for our final destination which is LochInver in the very top of Scotland.

We packed the night before and we climbed into the car bleary eyed and tired at 6am and did not stop for a few hours. When we did I was not surprised to see motorway cafe prices for a cooked breakfast as extortionate!! are the charging a £1 for every baked bean 😉

We decided halfway up to make a detour to York, as there is a Historical Viking center, which Melanie has always wanted to visit. So thats what we did!

Jorvik Center

This is a museum but time travels – you go back in a time machine to the viking age and take a ride on a ship, thorugh the viking setllement of Jorvick, then return to the present dayfor a look round the find which the archeologists found on site.

It was very interesting and is very interactive we got their own commentary on the ride. However, to be honest it doesn’t take very long to look round this facility and the queues were a little long.

I ran a Twitter competition for anyone wanted to guess where our detour ended up. I posted a clue and picture and @thesuggmeister guessed correctly 🙂 so A little prize will make its way to @thesuggmeister next week.


I am now in the Holiday Inn Express at Stirling and planning on getting a nice nights sleep before we continue the journey up north for a further 5 hours car journey!!

Looking forward to telling you all of my walks…

Bye for now

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