Land of Rocks and Lochs

I don’t think I’ve been anywhere quite so remote in Britain since I first visited Lochinver and its this feature in particular that brings me back here for the fourth time in 10 Years. Miles and miles, hours and hours of driving. For you heathens who have no clue where I am, look north to Glasgow, go past, keep going, keep going, north and west, almost to the top of the entire country, woah easy now,You’ve gone too far. Back down a little bit, thats it 😉


Lochinver is a seaport Loch just above Ullapool, a land of ancient rocks and Beautiful Lochs, home to the majestic golden eagle and the habitat of the Monarch of the glen, a place where deer roam around as common as cows, and raw and unapologetic shaped mountains with poetic names such as – Quinag, Canisp, Suilven, Cùl Mòr – offer the weary traveller the ultimate get away.

I sit here in the garden, watching bats fly back and forth while in the background fishing boats return home quickly for the warm embrace of their families. I look forward to a week of escape and wonder, where the harshness of the scenery is a beautiful reminder that my worries are small and insignificant in the scheme of things.

If you get a chance listen to my AudioBoo whilst I sit in the garden to wait for the last birdsong…

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