I was asked a few weeks ago about my drive and ambition and had it always been so intense? I replied immediately with an answer but having time to reflect on this mountain holiday, I have I think a better explanation.
My life changed around 17 years old, My grandfather was dying and I was living with him in his last few months of his life. I did not go out much and have a ‘normal’ teenage life, whatever that means. I just sat in reading books and talking with this wise old man. I did study people however and reflected on my own life in such detail that I started to come to certain conclusions about my life, effort required and the success I was capable of.
I went back to study a few years after leaving school with no GCSE’s and second time around passed where before I had failed. There were many factors in this transformation but one major reason was the following quote. It was written in a bookmark of my grandfathers who had just died. His passing and this quote helped me cement a philosophy which I believe to be full proof for any person wishing to achieve in spite of their circumstances.
What’s the quote?…
Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?
Robert Browning
My Conclusion
The conclusion I came to was that a persons sense of who they are, determine their actions and that this in turn impacts what they achieve. I saw this all the time round where I was born: If a person see’s their reach as limited, that they are mostly helpless in the face of  so many difficulties, that it is best to keep their ambitions low, then they will receive  the little that they expect.
So reverse that
If the above is true, then it makes sense that a person can train themself for the opposite — ask for more of themselves and others, be more confident, aim higher, and believe that you are destined for something  great.
So my sense of self-worth comes from me alone — and I should not worry too much on the opinion of others. Slowly the rising confidence in my abilities grew, I took more risks and this increased my chances of success.
I found people followed me more as they believed in my confidence and bravado.
I think this approach can be applied to all things and I am very candid on helping many apply this thinking in their own lives, through coaching of young players, bringing up my own children or mentoring people in my organization.Have a think, even if you think I am full of it, ask yourself the question: Does your reach esceed your grasp often? if it has did you achieve your goals or just further then you thought possible. If its Yes to any of those then share it with others and who knows what we can achieve?
Be Great !
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