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You know what its like, you stop blogging for  a week or so and then you get  out of the habit. Its no excuse but I am trying it anyway… The irony is that  its been a crazy summer of International travel so I certainly had lots to blog  on… ! Doofus…

He or She who has never took a break from a blog cast the first stone… 😉

Enough is enough

Anyway enough of this self imposed Hiatus and a time to get back in the saddle. So Lets begin to oil this rusty engine with a ‘previously on Lost’ type catch up


  • Started an internal organisation blog called IdeaNATion; dedicated to innovation and Ideation
  • Approached by US Manager to own OCM (Organisational Change Management) program for our companies project to change our email from Lotus Notes to Outlook ! (known in IT circles globally as the CIO killer project !)
  • Accepted and pretty much started travelling immediately
  • Two weeks USA two weeks UK for three to four months
  • Got injured playing soccer and have spent the last 12 weeks either on crutches or limping (just this week managed to put shoes on)
  • Worked tirelessly to secure a USA (Indy) assignment for me and my family
  • Was close but denied  by the people at the ‘top’ (more on that later)
  • Learned of a Europe role which I could have in the same organisation (Europe)
  • Declined this role and so will probably be ‘reallocated’ or redundant in a few months, This was emotionally pretty hrd to swallow given my perceived success over time. (if you remember I had only just bee recognised as consistent success over seven years) Its my own decision though as I turned a role down…
  • Started looking at roles in externally and in other areas outside of IT in my organization (received some really positive signals so far from a number of sources) Watch this space
  • Brother Billy (William) got married to his long term girlfriend Becca, travelled to Mexico (Cancun) over from Indy as it was cheap… Great few days
  • Natalie had a Brace fitted
  • …realised I had not blogged externally for the summer
  • Got down in the dumps fora few days for all the reasons above plus the blogging thing…
  • Picked myself up, had some cracking future conversations with some really influential people
  • Felt positive again
  • Started blogging again..


The amount of times I wrote blog posts of real substance when my life was standing still and as soon as it starts moving emotionally, physically, intellectually I tale a break and bottle it all up… I got a lot to learn with this bloggin thing, but I am going to keep on with it… Anyway I leep thinking that I have missed something else… oh well if I think of it I will let you know…

Coming soon

Review of T4bp.com, a site I just discovered. A deeper reflection of my situation with careers and where I am going to decide to go next. News on the creativity and innovation. Anything else I think is worth sharing.

Until then…

Be Great – N –

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