How to win friends and influence people… thats the old adage and I think a book also… but its something that has interested many people since the beginning of politics. As a student of Cicero, Machiavelli and courtly life of old I have always been fascinated by how much we are in control of our decisions and how easily we can be influenced into decisions.

Has that ever been of interest to you? Do you want to have more influence at work? In a club or committee? or just get that upgrade on the plane next time? I will be writing a number of posts over the next 7 days which will outline techniques I have learned from self study, or analysis of why I managed to get a results when others have failed in the past. Far from me being special, the examples I will give are things are simple and are not sneaky per se but more compelling examples that human nature is not as free as it likes to think.

In the next 7 days I will post on the following influence and persuasion techniques

1. Labelling

2. Foot in the door

3. Reciprocity

4. The Franklin technique

5. Avoid the magnetic Middle

6. Personalisation & prompts

7. The free gift…

I will try and give some practical examples of these techniques as well as how I have used them in the past. Until tomorrow… Be great -N-

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