I start this series with one of my favourite and easiest of techniques to learn ‘ Labelling’. This is the first of seven techniques of influence and persuasion. But what is labelling? How is it used? How have I used it myself, Can I see an example or two?…. and why the photo above? All great questions and ones that I will attempt to illustrate below.

What is labelling?

A technique to assign a trait, attitude or belief (Label) to a person or group of people and then make a request from them based on that that label

How is it used? Let me give you a fun example which reveals why I used this photo also…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Luke Skywalker used the Labelling technique on his father. Luke Skywalker convinced Darth Vader into the ultimate compliance and restore peace to the galaxy.

In ‘The Return of the Jedi’ Lukes labels Darth:-

‘I know there is good in you, there is good in you, I sense it’

Look at that sentence again…. Its clever, subtle but powerful. I remember in my own school as a child, my teacher saying to me that I was the kind of child that cared about my handwriting and that showed in my written work, now until that point I am not sure I did care about my handwriting but from that day on and for ever more I did care.. and so I clearly was susceptible to the Labelling technique my teacher used.

You try it?

Try it in your daily life and see if it works… I must caveat this by saying these techniques should only be used if the person you are labelling is demonstrating those behaviours. Other wise this would be sneaky and deceitful and I know you are not like that, you are honest and trust worthy… 😉 The force is strong in you, I sense it…

Be great -N-

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