Quick update and product plug

As most of you all know I am moving house! In fact I would think you probably are sick and tired of hearing about it!! I am sick and tired of talking about it but its consumed my every moment that I am not at work.Working round the clock for 4 days with very little sleep.

I work through the am in the UK on the move and then 13:00 til 9pm work on my job which is mainly US focussed at the moment. Anyway I have no Telephone lines and our cell phone signal is awful so I bought a 3G pocket router to try and help and I wanted to tell you all its wonderful!!


The review

The Three Huawei E585 has a simple connection methodology and clear way of reporting what’s happening with the OLED screen (see photo).  I cannot begin to explain how useful a MiFi device can be, especially now that networks have stopped their unlimited data allowances.

What I like
An improvement on the original MiFi device my brother-in-law had, informative screen, great accompanying data allowance,I can either chose pay as you go or a monthly amount, I went for data costs per month to get me through this period of no broadband. I think I spent £25 for 7 Gig !!

What I dont…
No 802.11n, doesn’t show accumulative data sessions on screen. So just use it til it runs out and then top it up again. It doesn’t automatically power down when not in use.

Alright laters guys


Be great – N


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