So its 1-1-11 and I was considering my new years resolution for this year, just as I have seriously the last 5 years. I have done this over and over again and not really done a good job at meeting my high expectations. Its funny only because one of my favourite quotes from Einstein is:

 The definitation of insanity is repeating the same task over and over again expecting different results

Sound familiar? 

Well thast what i have been doing the last few years. Writing lofty absolutes in some misguided attempt to improve my life or improve my lifestyle. So I struggled with this conclusion in  December and throught what I could do to still create some resolve and plan for improvement whilst not setting these impossible targets. Then I read (A Blog I will be reading  regularly from now on) and I came across the idea of the ‘more, less list’. I showed you all the draft in my last post and I think a finished version of this is what I shall be ready to share soon. I will post my ‘more, less list’ tomorrow and then we shall see if this year I can keep my oath where before I failed.

 Some Questions for you!

What are you considering to be your new years resolutions? Do you write them down? Keep to them? What was your best successful resolution?

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