I got some great feedback on Part 1: and how it might help them create their own list, and more importantly an approach which is not an absolut but a framework and allows for transgressions 😉 I am finishing off this series of posts with my final part. Part 2 continues with aspirations for all areas and a framework for the future.

less junk, more real foods
This is more of a traditional resolution for me. I eat for comfort, I eat as I work so hard and think I deserve it, but the reality is that the food spend a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips!! Or stomach as it pertains to me! So yes more fruit, more bran, less bread, less potato chips, less sugar, less salt! I look forward to this one least though I know it’s important.

less busywork, more impact
People that know me would never accuse me of being lazy! I work, work, work and have always done so. However I look back on some of these endeavours and think, the work is not as impactful as I would have hoped!! So I am going to need help on this one! Any ideas let me know!

less driving, more walking
Yes, this one is one we all do! And our rubbish weather in the UK is a suitable excuse! I however see though this and will resolve to walk more when I could drive! I may sell my car just to force this issue! Watch this space.

less noise, more solitude
This item I yearn for more yearn for more than any other. “what is this life so full of care, we have no time to stand and stare; no time to sit beneath the boughs and stare as long as sheep nor cows”

less focus on the future, more on the present
I am a great strategist, Thinking things through and planning ahead for every possible circumstance! However I realise now that more often than not tactics dictate strategy and so life is but a collection of today’s and far less yesterday’s and tomorrows! So enjoy the now!!

less work, more play
Always a dodgy one as it looks lazy but if I were to do the previous ‘less, more’s surely I can find a little more time to play! Have fun, relax?

less worry, more smiles
My daughter Natalie spots this in me more than anyone else! I worry a lot, I smile too little and this is altogether a most unsatisfactory trait! So I am gonna turn that frown upside down and make my smile my umbrella.

If I were to do these things and in a years time tell you I was successful at 66% of these things I would be a better, writer, father, husband ‘person’ for it!

Be great – N –

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