One night..

So I sat with my daughter Natalie reading her latest English assignment and I was really impressed by her use of language and in particular the use of colourful words. We talked for a while on words and then she asked this question…

Natty: Whats your favourite word Dad?

Ethernat (Dad): Thats a great question Natty, I never considered that seriously, let me think..


In the space of 10 minutes I came up with the following words: Endeavour, Hubris, Hemidemisemiquaver and Vixen. I did not explain why there and then but I gave it some thought today and here is my reasons why.


I’ve always liked this word as it describes basically a task but more poetic and carries withit a sense of promise. Def: “a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness”


overbearing pride or presumption… every time i have used this in a sentence its been met with a ? look… but Hubris is a fav too…


I’ve always loved that this eight-syllable word refers to one of the shortest note values in music. “hemidemisemiquaver” is a sixty-fourth note, which is usually played very quickly. Back in the more poetic 1500’s someone came up with the name “quaver” for what we call an eighth note (earlier than that, someone else chose the decidedly less poetic term “crotchet” its a quarter note apparently). As you divide the eighth note in half, you add prefixes to “quaver” until you get to the delightful “hemidemisemiquaver.”


Because it was always used to describe a woman with less than perfect morals. There is something very sexy and playful about this word. I even like the way it looks written with the “x” displayed at its center. I am sure this is all very Freudian.


Although penultimate is essentially unimportant — next to last — it carries an exciting connotation. Its going to happen – or be over soon.

What are your favourite words and why? come on Share up…

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