The problem was being over weight,  and living an unhealthy life. The Solution was and is: Swimming:

The aerobic benefits of swimming one mile are equal to those of running four miles. it lowers Blood pressure, slows pulse rates, it increases flexibility and best of all its near impossible to overheat ! As water conducts heat 20 times better than air does..Need I go on?

I have been swimming now for 93 days in a row, at least an hour a day, but started recently swimming 2 hours when I can. That can be hard when you work so I have found I swim at 5:30am and 11:00pm if needed.

To swim this everyday whilst working and being on vacation I have had to take the opportunity to swim where ever I can. Here are the places in the last 92 days I have swum in order to get my fix.

1. Tadley Swimming Pool, England

2. Club La Costa, Adeje, Tenerife

3.  JW Marriot, Indianapolis, USA

4.  IU Natatorium, Indianapolis, USA

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