I made a commitment 100 days ago, to get fitter, stop this downward cycle and lack of care on my  body and try to look after myself better. Well for the first time in my 38 years on this planet I did just that. I exercised, I ate well and I becoming the person physically I would like to be. I am talking in a past tense but there is only one reason for that which I will explain.

I still do all those things I mentioned but a big reason I have made progress and lost the weight is my new found love of Swim training. I love it as explained by the last post and I finally have found something I can do which has a positive effect on my body, well I loved it so much that I swam every day!! sometimes, most days twice a day and was building quite a running total… it got  to 99 days this Friday 🙂 I planned on pulling it to 100 when I would swim FRiday night at 10pm in the local pool near my house. Except there is no session on a Friday night!! Oops.. what a dork… I missed hitting 100 because I did not check the swim timetable.. (never assume)

Normally I would have reacted poorly and become negative but my new outlook on life sees the 99 I did not the 1 I missed, “so what? 99 is pretty cool”.. and how good would it be to aim for 100 days in 2013. So thats what I shall do.. I am resolute in this aim.  So last night I took a well earned rest and reflected on 99 days.. here are the stats I worked out..

I swam a minimum 60 minutes every day for 99 days, at least 30 of those were more like 120 minutes.

lets say I count for the breaths and the drinks and waiting for others in my lane and I just did 100 lengths in every session, thats 2.5k a session * 129 Session = 322.5 Kilometres at least! which is just over 200 miles !! Which is like 10 times the English Channel.

Alright signing off now to decorate my daughters bedroom… Be Great – N –

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