Santa brought me these

I am terrible with presents, buying them, receiving them, wrapping them.. If I fell out the “Tree of talent in buying presents” I would fall straight to the ground and miss every bloody branch. No seriously, I really have n0 talent here.

1. The OlloClip Camera Lens

I got this from my wife Melanie and I have to say its awesome from what I have used so far.

The olloclip is a multi-use lens solution for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Its quick and  convenient to use giving you a 3 in 1 photo lens solution; fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses. The olloclip can be efficiently clipped onto your iPhone which means I eiether 1 have a convenient Camera lens solution on me at all times, or I have an item I am likely to lose in the next 30 days 😉

2. Swim: Why we love the water

I have read many books on swimming, & the history of swimming techniques, but this is by far the best at explaining why some of us obsess with of all things swimming. It’s also to boot though a very good history of swimming with swim trivia thrown in. I read this in one sitting, Xmas evening… A short but amazing book.

3.Garmin Swim Watch

I can stop counting lengths in the pool now with this new present from the kids.

My Garmin swim watch now does all the maths for me. It’s THE swimming watch designed for pool. You can use this to track your distance swum, pace in the pool, The highly important stroke count and much more.

4. Easy Freestyle

Easy Freestyle is the next best thing to having your own Total Immersion coach. This DVD is a great way to Master the skills and secrets for swimming as easily, as far or as fast as you would like. Easy Freestyle has seven self-coaching lessons, perfected at Total Immersion Workshops, with every telling detail examined above-and below-water, with slow-motion and comparison video, I have on;y watched the first three lessons so far but I know its going to be very influential on my swim training in 2013.

Well that was my present list, what did you all receive or buy for someone?

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