(See video below) OK so its not mine right now… but if a few things work out for me in the next 18 months then this is likely to be my Sail Boat. Its the made by the Boat Makers Hanse and the model number if the 345. I think a 34 foot Sail Boat is enough for me. Take a look round as I may well be adding my own video in the next 18 months as I buy my own.

I have been taking Sailing lessons in 2012 and will continue in 2013 ready for that day should it arrive. Some people have described “Luck can be described as simply preparation meeting opportunity”, and if.. no ‘when’ that day arrives, I will be ready to order this baby.

For fun I have been thinking names of the boat… (just for giggles)

Knot@Work or Docked wages..

Anyway enjoy the video.. I will watch once then get back to work, making the dream happen 🙂

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