OK, I admit it… I like to see the New Year in with my MacBook Air, some light snacks and a radio 🙁 I dont care if it makes me seem sad or old!. I just don’t like ‘forced fun’ oh its this whole, manufactured celebration business. I cannot abide Auld Lang Syne tradition!! I simply despise it all.

No Spoiling!

Oh I know I must sound a grouch but I don’t mean to be. I am not stopping anyone else doing it I just want to be able to state this without looking like I am either criticising others or spoiling their fun. So if we are buddies already and you are reading this, I would love to go out with you to celebrate on anyother night in a genuine way but leave me alone on 31st December.

Have a great new Years Eve (How you like to celebrate it, not how you think people would like you to celebrate it)

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