Christmas Decorations ready to be put away for another year ­čÖü

I set about putting the house back to normal this morning. Its yearly ritual of 1st week of December get the decorations and the tree out, set the house up as if its a cheap 70’s Christmas card and then the 2nd of January take them down again. Speaking to friends and family, I think its the same in most British households who celebrate Christmas. (it would seem feedback from followers and readers suggest that everyone does different days but basically the same)

The Loft/Attic (literally and metaphorically)

The loft in most British homes is a storage area, above the highest floor in the house (essentially the roof space). Now whilst I was up in the loft/Attic I discovered things that I knew we owned, things I never knew we owned, things we knew but had forgotten, and things that I wish we had forgot! Its all up there!!

Things in my loft/Attic

  1. Clothes which I promised I would fit back in (next year) ((Happily I can now get them all down and try them))
  2. About 11 bags ?? Yes I am a straight married man but I love laptop bags and suitcases!!
  3. JigSaws, and board games
  4. Laptop parts and printers
  5. Paintings from relatives (sadly no Picasso’s)

Final Thought

We all have lofts/attics either literal in houses and/or metaphorical in our minds and maybe just perhaps one weekend soon a clearing out of the loft is a worthy task. We can all do with clearing out the dark corners of our houses and the dark corners in our minds once in a while! its therapeutic, its useful and it dare I say its essential. Who knows you may discover things about you and your things which you had forgotten.

Be Great – N –

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