Hong Kong; one of my top 10 Pools to swim in (Check)


So I arrived in Hong Kong  with a vague recollection of booking a random hotel close to the client site and made my way to the hotel fully expecting to spend the majority of the four days in my hotel room working hard. So I arrived at my hotel, Hotel Indigo and after a quick check in I made my way up to the sky bar for swift beer. The I saw the pool (see photo above) ((Yes the photo kind of spoiled the drama of my retelling the story)).

What a lovely hotel, it was boutique style and discrete but the pool was awesome. The coolest thing was that the pool had a glass floor which as you can see meant that as I flip turned off the glass I was looking down 31 floors whilst under water !! Crazy, scary, awesome 🙂


My swimming diet thoughts

Thought I would share my recent experiments and findings on a swimming diet that works for me. Let me know what you do and how I may up the ante to get more out of my training sessions. I have tried to divide it up between before, during and after swimming.

Before I swim

Following an overnight fast (sleep), it is important that I boost my depleted blood sugar and liver glycogen levels if they are to make optimal gains from their training session. However, it is also important that the stomach is relatively empty, so you don’t get cramp.

Therefore, it is important to try and consume 100-200 calories immediately on waking, but in an easily digestible form, for example:

  • 300-500ml carbohydrate – electrolyte sports drink.
  • 1 fruit Smoothie plus extra water.
  • 1 thick sl. Toast and jam plus water or squash.
  • 1 banana and water or squash.

Some of my swimmer friends insist that they simply can’t tolerate eating before a training session

Whilst I swim

For early morning training sessions when there is little time to pre-fuel and sessions lasting longer than 60 minutes, a swimmer will be able to sustain a higher work rate for longer by taking onboard carbohydrate in the form of a 6% carbohydrate sports drink (0.5-1.0l / hour; commercial or home made) or sports gels (1-2 plus 0.5-1.0L water/ hour). Studies have shown that swimmers participating in high intensity pool sessions, lose on average, 600ml of sweat / hour.

After I swim

When training on consecutive days or within the same day, starting to refuel and rehydrate as soon as possible after finishing a swim can accelerate recovery and reduce the risk of fatigue. I usually aim to consume a recovery drink or a snack containing 50-75g of carbohydrate within 15-30 minutes along with additional fluids.

Good recovery snacks I like are:
A Belvita breakfast biscuit.
500ml of recovery drink or low fat chocolate milk.
2-3 slices banana bread or malt loaf and an isotonic drink.
Low fat rice pudding or breakfast cereal with raisins and fluids. This can be followed with a more substantial meal or snack at work / home 2 hours later.

What do you like to eat when swim training?

Swim Training V Business travel can they be compatible

I am off to Indianapolis again next week. I travel with business probably about 2 weeks a month, so about 2 weeks at home and 2 weeks away. Anyway this schedule can really starts to get in the way of my swim training. I make most of my weight losses when I am home eating my regulated diet exercising in my regulated way.

On the road I tend to eat at funny times, work late hours and not always hit my lap counts. Anyone else have these issues with their swim training?

So I will be spending my 530am swims in this place the IU Natatorium and my evenings too… I must hit at least 20k meters in the pool next week.

Bumping knuckles!!

The swimming Pool I usually go to has been very busy over the Christmas break. That weird week between Christmas and New Years when opening hours seem everywhere seems to be very strange. So with reduced swims and more people on Holiday/vacations.. its resulting in busy swim lanes and what I call ‘bumping knuckles’. Which is when too freestyle swimmers hit each others hands by accident when sharing the same lane. Dont even get me started on the breast stroke swimmers, as they spread their hands out side and under water.. they can be bumping all sorts… 😉 (that one needs to be thought about)

My Sail Boat

(See video below) OK so its not mine right now… but if a few things work out for me in the next 18 months then this is likely to be my Sail Boat. Its the made by the Boat Makers Hanse and the model number if the 345. I think a 34 foot Sail Boat is enough for me. Take a look round as I may well be adding my own video in the next 18 months as I buy my own.

I have been taking Sailing lessons in 2012 and will continue in 2013 ready for that day should it arrive. Some people have described “Luck can be described as simply preparation meeting opportunity”, and if.. no ‘when’ that day arrives, I will be ready to order this baby.

For fun I have been thinking names of the boat… (just for giggles)

Knot@Work or Docked wages..

Anyway enjoy the video.. I will watch once then get back to work, making the dream happen 🙂

My Christmas Presents; A fun review whilst eating leftovers!

Santa brought me these

I am terrible with presents, buying them, receiving them, wrapping them.. If I fell out the “Tree of talent in buying presents” I would fall straight to the ground and miss every bloody branch. No seriously, I really have n0 talent here.

1. The OlloClip Camera Lens

I got this from my wife Melanie and I have to say its awesome from what I have used so far.

The olloclip is a multi-use lens solution for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Its quick and  convenient to use giving you a 3 in 1 photo lens solution; fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses. The olloclip can be efficiently clipped onto your iPhone which means I eiether 1 have a convenient Camera lens solution on me at all times, or I have an item I am likely to lose in the next 30 days 😉

2. Swim: Why we love the water

I have read many books on swimming, & the history of swimming techniques, but this is by far the best at explaining why some of us obsess with of all things swimming. It’s also to boot though a very good history of swimming with swim trivia thrown in. I read this in one sitting, Xmas evening… A short but amazing book.

3.Garmin Swim Watch

I can stop counting lengths in the pool now with this new present from the kids.

My Garmin swim watch now does all the maths for me. It’s THE swimming watch designed for pool. You can use this to track your distance swum, pace in the pool, The highly important stroke count and much more.

4. Easy Freestyle

Easy Freestyle is the next best thing to having your own Total Immersion coach. This DVD is a great way to Master the skills and secrets for swimming as easily, as far or as fast as you would like. Easy Freestyle has seven self-coaching lessons, perfected at Total Immersion Workshops, with every telling detail examined above-and below-water, with slow-motion and comparison video, I have on;y watched the first three lessons so far but I know its going to be very influential on my swim training in 2013.

Well that was my present list, what did you all receive or buy for someone?